About the ICF

Our Future — About the ICF

Up and down Vancouver Island, people like you, communities, local governments, First Nations and businesses are coming together to fulfill the full potential of our Island Rail Corridor.

The case we’re presenting to you for acquiring Federal and Provincial investment in the Rail Corridor can have a positive effect on every part of our lives.

Acquired and managed by the Island Corridor Foundation the Rail Corridor is a 366 million dollar asset owned by the people and communities of Vancouver Island.

That means the Rail Corridor is ours. That means it’s yours!

Our proposal supports an integrated transportation system that connects busses to trains, park and ride facilities and the use of bicycle and walking paths along the Rail Corridor.

We are gratified to learn that one of the reasons Islanders support our plan is because they have come to know and trust The ICF to manage the Rail Corridor on their behalf in an honest, open and business like manner. We are grateful for your trust and support.

By working together to develop the Corridor to its full potential we have the power to: preserve our environment; develop our economy; create safe, green, efficient transportation for our families; and to build a gateway to the world for our businesses for the next 100 years.

This website provides you with an overview of the benefits that can come to us all by investing in a revitalized Rail Corridor.

Please take the time to review it and then please join us. Join our Coalition