ICF Feedback Form Results

The Island Corridor Foundation wishes to thank everyone who took the time to complete our recent online survey regarding the draft Business Plan. A total of 438 responses were received, which surpassed the ICF’s goal of 400. The results have now been summarized and are available for download below. Next steps are outlined on the last page of the file. Click here or the image below to view the results.
ICF Feedback Form Results

4 thoughts on “ICF Feedback Form Results

  1. I hope that the railway will continue for a long time. It is too bad that it cannot continue
    from Courtenay area up to Port Hardy, but I can understand there are a lot of odds against
    them. I also love going on railways as one can see the scenery and not be in a hurry
    to get somewhere. When I have travelled in England, Wales, and Scotland with friends
    or relatives I have always travelled by rail and it is so inexpensive and one always see
    so much. I feel that air travel is fine for business people, but when one is a trip – let
    us take time to savour the experience.
    Wendy Burke

  2. I Live in the Comox Valley and really miss the train to Victoria. The highway is very busy and the Malahat is dangerous, as a result I do not go to Victoria, where I was born and where some of my family still live.
    I hope in the future I pray we can see that great service return.
    Thanks for all your updates.
    Sheila at Buckley Bay..

  3. I wish that the rail could become viable as a commuter option. However, this can only be accomplished by replacing the rails and providing overpass/underpasses for the 240 road/rail crossings. We need to preserve the corridor to make sure that that option is available in the future. However, we can use the corridor in the interim as a very community friendly trail.

  4. It’s time to look to the future. …running slow antique trains is not the answer, raised rapid transit along the corridor is. If ICF money was used and Gov’t invested in this rather than highway widening (which increases traffic speed) and massive interchanges (which just move bottlenecks to anew location) it could get started with Downtown Victoria to Langford with a plan to expand to Duncan, then Nanaimo then further North. Under the ‘raised rapid transit’ there could be a paved cycle/scooter path as well as a walking path along the side. To me this just makes sense. Nobody is going to spend many hours commuting on a regular train, it’s just not feasible and doesn’t address future growth and transportation issues.

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