The ICF management structure has been evolving over the years and continues to adapt to changing demands. The organization currently has two full time employees, the CEO and the Manager of Corridor Development.

The CEO is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspect of the ICF. This includes dealing with all issues relating to land management, keeping the assets in good condition, maintaining close working relationships with the rail operator, First Nations and Regional Districts. The CEO brings recommendations to the Board as to action and/ or policy on how to deal with issues in relation to land use and maintenance etc. Additionally the CEO is responsible for presenting an annual budget for approval and to provide oversight to the budget and finances to the board of directors.

The Manager of Corridor Development provides the necessary expertise and support in dealing with land use issues and agreements, trail  development, property tax exemptions, the coordination of board meetings. In addition, the Manager of Corridor Development works closely with government and members of the public on local issues and plays a key role in communications with the public.

The Foundation also has two non-employee positions, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and First Nations Liaison. The CFO is a CPA who provide the Foundation with financial oversight and expertise to the board of directors. The First Nations Liaison works with the member First Nations and providing a key link between the Nations and the Foundation. Both positions receive an honorarium.

Download the ICF Strategic Priorities Operations Plan here.