Board Meeting Notes July 2016

New Director
Georgina Livingston was elected director to complete the term of Chief Cyril Livingston who passed away in the spring. Georgina is a member of the Lake Cowichan First Nation. Her term of office is until April 2018.
Alberni Subdivision Compliance Advisory
The British Columbia Safety Authority (BCSA) emphasized to the Alberni Pacific Railway (APR) that they must be able to demonstrate regulatory compliance for all the groups operating on the Port Alberni subdivision. Several volunteer groups work on the track and ride speeder equipment to reach the various work sites. BCSA wants to ensure any APR  volunteers operate in a safe manner and are compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.
Local Government Liaison Committee
The first liaison meeting was held July 22nd and was well attended. Only the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), City of Nanaimo and Lantzville formally declined sending a representative. A tour of the Wellcox property and a hy-rail track inspection filled the morning agenda followed with an explanation about new crossing regulations at the luncheon meeting. For more information click here.
Hallowell Road / Esquimalt Nation Trail & Crossing
After four years of discussion and comprise led by Bob Mason – Esquimalt Nation, Josh Fredericks & Sue Hallat – CRD and ICF CEO Graham Bruce a plan has been endorsed by Esquimalt Nation to allow for a portion of the trail to be constructed through
Esquimalt Nation. This section will complete the trail from Victoria to Langford. Esquimalt Nation will now be able to take its access from Hallowell Rd and eliminate the very dangerous Thomas Road intersection and railroad crossing. Minister Todd
Stone recently announced $1 million of funding for the construction of this section of trail.
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Snaw-Naw-As First Nation Claim
The three parties, Snaw-Naw-As, Canada and ICF are exploring ways to find a negotiated settlement to avoid litigation. The claim is for the 10.5 acres of corridor that passes through the First Nation at Nanoose.
ICF 2017 AGM
The ICF 2017 Annual General Meeting will be open to the general public. It will be held at the Nanaimo Convention Centre April 27th 2017. The time and agenda will be published closer to the date. The agenda includes the statutory presentation of the audited financial statements, the solicitor’s report and year end reports from the Chair, the CEO and the President of Southern.
Commuter Rail Pilot Victoria to Langford
Southern Rail and the ICF have provided the four Mayors of Victoria, Esquimalt, View Royal and Langford with a base infrastructure and operational plan for a commuter train pilot that would operate between Victoria and Langford. The mayors are investigating what impact such a pilot might have on traffic flows during the MacKenzie Road intersection

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