Board Meeting Notes October 2016

Alberni Sub Bridge Inspection Plan
A plan for bridge inspections on the Alberni subdivision will be developed with the Alberni Pacific Railway (APR).
The APR already completes an annual bridge inspection for the three structures that the McLean Mill steam train crosses between the Mill and the Alberni Station. The BC Safety Authority has asked for the inspection on the full Alberni sub and has restricted any usage of the bridges until the report has been completed. Track maintenance volunteers have be informed that passage over the structures is forbidden.
Community Input Sessions
The general public and elected leaders will be able to offer input to the ICF on a number of occasions over the next several months. A second local government liaison meeting is to be organized for early in the new year followed with two community round table forums in late January and early February. Times and dates will be announced once facilities are confirmed. In early April an ICF workshop will be held at the annual conference of the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities.
The public is also invited to attend the ICF Annual General Meeting April 27 at the Nanaimo Conference Centre. Time and the agenda will be posted in March.
Business Plan Update
Work will begin in December to update the ICF business plan and to review the rail strategic plan. Various items will be on the table for the round table forums such as trail development, station improvements and rail phases that will form part of the business plan.
Director Skill Sets
A subcommittee of the board has been struck to develop director skill sets for the ICF. The committee will review various skill set criteria used by other organizations in bringing forward a recommendation to the Board. The skill sets will take into account the unique First Nation and Regional membership of the ICF and the articles of the foundation.
Federal Rail Safety Improvement Funding program (RSIP)
Staff will review what opportunities there are to improve rail safety on the corridor from the Wellcox Yard to Superior Propane at North Nanaimo that would match the requirements of this federal funding program. More information on this program will also be presented to local government officials at the local government advisory committee in January.
The Board approved a section of trail near Doumont Road, this trail will link the Parkway Trail with other community trails in the area.
Approved Land Use
– Private Road Crossing in Fanny Bay
– Private encroachment in Ladysmith

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