Celebrating 100 years of Saltair

Cowichan Valley Regional District director Mel Dorey, left, and friends mark Saltair's naming centenary in the style of the time.
In period costumes and amid antique cars, in August the residents of Saltair celebrated the centenary of their community’s naming  by the E & N Railway.
In 1910 the railway decided to change its stop from what was known as the Old Plantation to a point farther north. It needed a name for the community which would host this new stop so held a name-the-train-stop contest.
Eleanor Southin, wife of the Ladysmith postmaster, had visited the town of Saltaire in England and thought the name very suitable for this new train stop. Her submission – minus the ‘e’ at the end – won and the community around that train stop has been Saltair ever since.

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