CRD E & N Trail News

Our Newest Regional Trail
The E&N Rail Trail – Humpback Connector is a paved trail that is being built
largely within the rail corridor between Victoria and Langford. As a long-term
undertaking, this trail will eventually stretch from the Johnson Street Bridge to
Humpback Road and will be an important non-motorized transportation and
recreation link between Victoria and the western communities.
Project Update Overview
The CRD is completing intersection safety upgrades in Esquimalt. Preparations
are underway for construction of the trail between Wilson Street and Esquimalt
Road and related intersection safety upgrades at Esquimalt Road. We are also
initiating construction of Phase 2, between Island Highway’s 4 Mile Bridge and
the Galloping Goose at Island Highway/Burnside Road West. Trail signage for
completed sections of the trail in Langford, View Royal, Esquimalt and Victoria
is expected in early 2015.
Intersection Safety Upgrading
Wilson Street
Status: Complete but not open due to intersection road
work by Township of Esquimalt at Devonshire and
Fairview Roads. Target completion December 2014
Lampson Street
Status: Nearing completion. Trail closed until pedestrian
crossing light activated and road work at Devonshire
and Fairview intersection complete. Target completion
December 2014.
Esquimalt Road
Status: Designs for crossing approved by City of Victoria.
Civil engineering construction work to begin in early
2015 and signal equipment installation to follow. Target
completion late 2015.
Hallowell Road
Status: Intersection safety upgrading to begin in 2015.
Target completion summer 2015.
Trail Construction
Island Highway 4 Mile Bridge to Galloping Goose at
Island Highway/Burnside Road West
Wilson Street to Esquimalt Road
Trail Planning
Hallowell Road to Maplebank Road
To learn more about the trail construction please click here

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