De-Railed: The National Dream movie viewing

Great news for those located in the Victoria area; they will be able to see the BC Premiere of a film about Canada’s rail system by Dr. Linda Savory at the David Strong Bldg. (C122) at the University of Victoria on Thursday 6 June 2013 at 7 pm. See the attached poster.
“De-Railed: The National Dream” is a documentary by independent film-maker, Dan Nystedt, that examines the crumbling state of the Canadian railway system.  Having lost more than 10,000 kilometres of track since 1990, why has Canada allowed its “ribbon of rail” to become so tattered?
Nystedt rode the rails across Canada looking for answers to his question of why Canada is letting its rail system deteriorate when most other countries are investing heavily in their railways.
He filmed a wide range of people, including: Robert Bateman (Artist and Environmentalist); Dr. Judith Sayers & Mary Ashley (Co-chairs, Island Corridor Foundation), Graham Bruce (Island Corridor Foundation), Harry Gow (Co-founder, Transport Action Canada), Dean Del Mastro (M.P. Peterborough/Chair, All-Party Rail Caucus); Nicholas Heap (David Suzuki Foundation);  Joseph Boardman (President/CEO Amtrak); Chief Isadore Day (Chief, Serpent River First Nation);
Interspersed with these very analytical, thoughtful and factual interviews, Nystedt brings us beautiful footage of the rail corridors (including the E&N) through which he traveled.
The 70-minute film will not only inform, but it will likely ignite a desire to join in the formation of a Canada-wide movement to ensure that we will have the kind of rail system we need to take us into a future of high fuel costs and the imperative to reduce carbon emissions.
In light of the current negotiations to re-start VIA Rail’s E&N service,  this film screening could not be more timely.

One thought on “De-Railed: The National Dream movie viewing

  1. The Federal Government is spending millions on VIA rail back east. Toronto, Montreal, Ottowa and Halifax, yet abandoning us out west.
    Why did CPR dump a bad railroad on us when they had the proper equipment here to repair it.
    Only the Federal Government had the right to stop and declare the railroad unsafe.
    I would like to see the above film ‘De-Railed”. Al.

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