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Re: “E&N line’s real value is as a trail, not rail,” comment, Feb. 11.
In support of the restoration of a 21st-century E&N Railway and all who travel on public transportation, the Island Corridor provides for trail and rail.
The E&N Trail provides for recreation and commuting local to their communities.
The E&N Railway boosts public transportation between towns and communities along the Island Corridor as an alternative to highways. Highways do not require a business plan nor make a profit, as railways that transport freight and passengers are expected to do.
Populations of towns and communities with access to the E&N stations are expanding, so restoration of a 2018 railway system for commuters, tourists, retirees — in fact, all passengers — plus wheelchairs, walkers and bicycles would reduce the highway traffic currently multiplying on, for example, the Colwood Crawl and Malahat.
Railway travel in many countries is an asset, an alternative means of public transportation, stress-free through beautiful land, river and seascapes such as we have on the Vancouver Island Corridor.
Avis Rasmussen
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