Fire on Port Alberni Subdivision – Closure

A challenging wildfire near Coombs brought out a massive response from fire crews in the area as well as a helicopter from the BC Forest Service.
Firefighters from Dashwood, Errington, Coombs-Hilliers, Qualicum Beach, Bow-Horn Bay and Parksville all responded, with 55 people total battling the blaze that broke out around 4:30pm.
The BC Forest service also arrived with several crew members and a helicopter to bucket the fire.
Crews had trouble accessing the area because it was off the railway tracks in difficult terrain and they had to truck water in.
Fortunately the large response helped get the fire contained before it could do any major damage.
Part of the Coombs Country Campground was evacuated as a precaution.
There is no word on what exactly caused this fire, but fire officials are once again urging people to stay out of the back country.
Due to the extreme heat the Port Alberni Subdivision is closed

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Hilliers Road Fireedit

SVI crews helping to collect hoses for crews

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