First Nation’s Artist Competition EXTENDED to October 9, 2020!

The Island Corridor Foundation (ICF) is working to create a vision of what future train travel will look like on Vancouver Island.  Part of the vision will be the trainsets that could be used to move passengers on the Island, and while we have a fantastic example of trainset, it is rather plain.  We want our trains to stand out and to be a reflection our rich and diverse First Nations culture! 

We are inviting Island artists to participate in a competition to apply their artistic talents and come up with a design to cover the train that will become the showpiece of the future vision of train travel on Vancouver Island.

We have provided an image of a Stadler Train set and participants are asked to apply their art/vision directly on the image using the medium of their choosing.  One artists rendering will be selected as the image for our upcoming marketing and ad campaigns 

If your piece is chosen in first place, you will receive full credit for your art as well as $1500.00 CAD. Second place will receive $500.00 CAD. Your piece will proudly be displayed across the foundation’s social media pages, website, marketing and media materials.

We are very excited to see all the beautiful submissions from some of Vancouver Island’s talented First Nations artists. Please see the link for the competition agreement and the image of the train. First Nation Artist Competition Contract (002)