Foundation saved rail corridor for future

Re: “What do we get for rail money?” editorial, Feb. 19.
Times Colonist
February 23, 2016
In this piece, the writer states: “The foundation has promised much and delivered almost nothing.” This is just not true.
The foundation was never formed to run a railway. It was founded by the Regional Districts and the First Nations to protect the contiguous railway corridor in perpetuity for all.
At the time, there was the very real possibility that the corridor would be fragmented as companies sold portions of it. The leaders of the day realized what a travesty this would be for Vancouver Island and had the foresight to form the foundation, which ensured that the corridor became publicly owned.
Much has been accomplished since then. The new E&N rail trail is one fine example of this, along with other trails that parallel the corridor.
I, too, look forward to train service resuming on the corridor and respect the work of the current board as they work to that end.
However, even if train service should not resume for quite some time, the importance of the corridor being a public asset cannot be overstated.
David Screech
Mayor of View Royal

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