3 thoughts on “Governmental delays frustrate Island Corridor Foundation head – Chemainus Valley Courier

  1. I cannot believe that our provincial government is not actively working to restore the railway for the Vancouver Island. The benefits far out weigh the costs. We have waited long enough for this service.

  2. I agree that if many citizens up and down the Island train corridor would write to the Provincial and Federal governments expressing our need for the train studies to be done quickly before the Federal election in the fall, there would be more financial help from the Federal government for this transportation project. I am sure that the train systems in Quebec receive many government subsidies, so why not us? We have waited too long already!

  3. As Founder of The Lower Mainland Commuter Rail Consortium the good news is finally Ontario have funds to the City of Hamilton for light rail. through arguments and discussion over ten years an agreement was reached. Here in the lower mainland the B.C. Government is also waiting to give funds to commuter rail on Vancouver Island as a West Coast Express extension operated by B.C. Going toward this federal election infrastructure funds from the Liberals are on the waiting list like many other passenger rail proposals across Canada. With gas prices running high taxes from the sales at the pump maybe spent on rail plans. What the extension plan has is history, it is not a big plan compared to others. Trudeau has looked at it but others he has not seen. The need has been greater than other proposals. It would be very popular from the Vancouver Canada Place using Ferries to join commuter rail to Chemainus. This would serve Gulf Island commuters and reduce walk on traffic at B.C. Ferry terminals outside Vancouver. The walk on only service lowers the carbon footprint because the weight of three full car decks is not there. The ferry would be faster with far less tonnage. It could also take far more passengers with the car space gone. From Duncan to Parksville is the same length as The West Coast Express now so its doubling its length on good track with expenses for ballast and ties which is normal running repairs. So there is good reason on the Vancouver side to be positive. Trans link over here claims it’s out of there jurisdiction which leaves it to B.C. The argument is the U.B.C Skytrain plan is also. U.B.C. Is not part of Vancouver and has no Mayor on the Mayor’s Council or rep there. It makes it very murky acting on a former B.C. deal that is not a municipal jurisdiction. It has been suggested if it is correct the funds instead go to the I.C.F. Translink remains there votes control U.B.C. The Liberals wait for a B.C. decision and wait to pick out the proposal on the list. There is a deadline ticking away and there is good reason to pick the E&N proposal. Bryan Vogler. Queen’s Medal recipient for exemplary work in Transportation.

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