ICF Files Defamation Suit

The ICF has filed a defamation suit against Julian Fell, a director from the Regional District of Nanaimo. The action was taken in the BC Supreme Court.
Mr. Fell made serious defamatory comments about the ICF, its directors and staff in a July 2013 memo. A retraction and public apology was demanded but none was forthcoming from the director.
In October of 2014 Mr. Fell went on public radio and again made similar defamatory comments like those in his earlier memo.
The ICF Board considered Mr. Fells’ most recent commentary and decided to instruct legal counsel to proceed with the defamation suit.
ICF co-chair Judith Sayers said the Board has a responsibility to protect the credibility of the foundation and the personal reputations of the directors and staff.
The ICF Board is made up of people from the five Island regional districts and 14 First Nations that the corridor passes through.
As the matter is now before the courts the ICF will make no further comment at this time.

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