ICF Letter to Minister Claire Trevena

Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure
The Honourable Claire Trevena
Victoria, B.C.
Via Email: Minister.Transportation@gov.bc.ca
Dear Minister

Re: Island Rail Train Service & Infrastructure Plan

Thank you for meeting with the Island Corridor Foundation and Southern Rail delegation November 9th.
We presented to you a plan that would provide significant train service to the people of Vancouver Island through a modest track infrastructure investment by your government and by Canada.
We know you are specifically focused on the section of rail between Langford and Victoria. Our plan provides a path to satisfy the western community’s transportation needs and also communities north of the Malahat.
As mentioned it is imperative that track infrastructure improvements are made so we don’t lose this wonderful Island asset.
You also heard of the commitment that our rail operator has to Island rail. To assist them and the Foundation in planning for the future we asked four specific questions;
1.       Does the provincial government support Island train service?
2.       What is the government response to the SVI/ICF Train Service & Infrastructure Plan?
3.       Should SVI/ICF make a formal submission?
4.       Will the province support the submission?
We respectfully request a timely response to these questions.
Madam Minister the Island Corridor Foundation and Southern Rail of Vancouver Island are keen to assist you in whatever way we can. Please let us know how we can help.
Yours Truly

Dr. Judith Sayers

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