ICF Meeting with Minsiter of Transportation and Infrastructure

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November 9th 2017
Island Rail Seeks Government Answers
Officials of Southern Rail of Vancouver Island and the Island Corridor Foundation met with Claire Trevena, BC Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Thursday to present the Island Rail Service & Infrastructure Plan and to seek answers from the government.
ICF co-chair Mayor Phil Kent said the delegation asked the Minister whether the government supported Island train service and if so what is the response to the ‘Train Service & Infrastructure Plan’?
“We hope the minister will respond quickly to our questions’, stated Kent.
The Train Service & Infrastructure Plan focuses on service between Nanaimo and Victoria and would provide inter-city Via Passenger Rail; a tourist excursion train between the Nanaimo cruise ship terminal and Chemainus and the expansion of the currently operating rail freight.
It would also provide the infrastructure support for a trial RDC commuter service between Victoria and Langford that the Capital Regional District could operate.
The basic elements of the $42.7 million track upgrades calls for 120,000 ties to be replaced;70,000 tonnes of ballast; bridge upgrades; siding rehabilitation; safety sight &sound barriers through several First Nation communities; crossing safety improvements and a trail walkway across the Chemainus River bridge.
SVI Project Manager Don McGregor said this is a substantive rebuild that would provide for train service well into the future. He said that the four train services; inter-city, tourist excursion, freight and commuter, could easily be handled on the improved track and by strategically placing sidings there is no need for twinning the tracks.
The new federal infrastructure program requires provincial approval and funding for federal participation.
Kent said SVI and the ICF have developed a good plan that could provide significant transportation services for the Island.  “We hope the new government will help make this happen”, he added.
Planning for connecting rail service north of Nanaimo is on hold until a resolution is found with the Snaw- Naw- As First Nation at Nanoose.
Media Contact: Graham Bruce

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