ICF Update

We have been relatively quiet over the past couple of months as we await the start of the Province’s corridor assessment.  The Province has finally completed the Request for Proposal process, has chosen an engineering firm to lead the assessment, and have named a project manager for the project.


Although we have disagreed with the Province regarding the methodology and timing of the assessment, we do recognize the need for it, and are committed to working with the Province to ensure the assessment is conducted as efficiently as possible. We will begin the assessment in the next few weeks.

As most know, our litigation with the Snaw-Naw-As First Nation was slated to proceed to court in May.  We entered negotiations with the Nation to find a resolution without going to trial.  Unfortunately, those efforts did not result in an agreement.  The case will now be rescheduled for trial, in the interim, we remain committed to finding a resolution to these issues and will continue working towards settlement with the Nation.


As we enter the summer, we are working closely with our rail partner SVI, on several necessary maintenance and capital projects up and down the corridor. Those plans include much needed brush cutting and removal, landscaping improvement around stations on the corridor, and trail development and construction.

We look forward to the corridor assessment and getting onto the important work of reinstating rail service to the island.



Larry Stevenson

Chief Executive Officer

Island Corridor Foundation