A post office opened in this area in 1877, with mail distributed from the cabin of postmaster Nelson Parks (to which Parksville owes its namesake).

At that time, logging was a major industry and the extension of the Esquimalt and Nanaimo (E & N) Railway in 1901, to McBride Junction spurred Parksville’s growth and the beginning of a tourism boom, mainly Vancouver Islanders who traveled to Parksville to enjoy the incredible beaches.

Currently, the Arrowsmith Potters’ Guild inhabits this space, which began in April, 1995. The guild was founded by like minded potter’s in need of studio space and a place to retail their craft.  With 10 wheels, 2 kilns, a slab roller and large potting table, the studio is well equipped to host many potters at once and also offer classes to those interested in taking up the craft. The Train Station Pottery Shop of members’ work is open daily and is an ideal place to purchase a local gift. Click to learn more about the Potters’ Guild.

The Parksville Station & Potters’ Guild is located at 600 Alberni Hwy, Parksville, BC