Inspecting the trestles

The bridge and trestle inspection team has begun its assessment of the 48
structures along the Island railroad. The field work will be completed by
December of 2011. The Island Corridor Foundation had requested this review
be undertaken before work began on the $15 million rail infrastructure.
The B.C. government has approved a $7.5 million contribution and the ICF is
awaiting word from the federal government for a matching amount.
The $500,000 inspection will report on the state of repair, the life of each
structure and the weight loading.

2 thoughts on “Inspecting the trestles

  1. Glad to hear that the inspection work has started, I hope it goes well and you find the structures to be in good condition.
    I am planning a holiday to Canada but holding off until the line reopens. I look forward to hearing the good news of the restoration of this service.
    Thanks for uploading the pictures of the inspection, it is interesting to see a little of how the work is done.

  2. I am very pleased to see them inspecting the trestles , i hope the Fedural goverment comes thruogh with there share of the money so the Bud Carss will be sent back to Vancouver island, and then rail will survive on this island for decades to come.
    And if not then i guess theres nothing we can do aabout it, to me i hope that the line will reopen very soon because i went on the dayliner 4 times when i was a little kid I LOVED IT SO MUCCCH , i got to ride in the cab with the engineer it was a blast,and i want my friends or kids in the future to be able to do the same thing that i did when i was a little kid 🙂
    I thankyou for uploading tjhe pictures of the trestle assesment project getting underway , hope to see thgat the line will be fixed up in a matter of time.

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