Minister says "there may still be a path forward" on E&N rail, but lot's of work remains

BC’s Transportation Minister says he hopes a plan to get trains rolling on Vancouver Island again will work, but there’s more to do before his ministry is willing to release funding.Minister Todd Stone was speaking after a government report was obtained by C-FAX that says a plan to restore service doesn’t budget enough money to make the tracks safe.
Stone says, since that report was done, the ministry has worked with the Island Corridor Foundation and Southern Railway on finding a safe way forward with passenger rail service. He says they’ve provided the ministry with additional information.
The Island Corridor Foundation themselves said in a statement Monday that they’ve been able to work through some of the issues. For instance, the report says the tracks can’t safely support the speed needed for a passenger rail service.  But the ICF says they don’t plan to run trains as fast as the 60 mph that concerned the report’s author.
“Then there may still be a path forward here,” Stone told C-FAX. “But I don’t want to set any false expectations with anyone on the Island. There’s still a tremendous amount of work to do here but we’re committed to rolling up our sleeves and will try to get to a place where we can see trains rolling up and down the Island again.”
He said safety concerns must be 100% satisfied before the province releases the remaining $7-million promised..
The federal government has also pledged funding, but their review process won’t happen unless the BC Government signs off.  Posted June 09, 2015 08:42 from Ryan Price

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