Preparing the '112' locomotive to move to Port Alberni

On January 19, “Nickel Brothers” – movers of houses and other heavy objects – began the preparations for the move of the ‘112’ “Baldwin” steam locomotive built in 1923, from Beaver Cove to Port Alberni.
The “112” spent its working life hauling log trains in the Nimpkish Valley down to the log dump at Beaver Cove. Upon retirement, when diesel locomotives took over the job of moving the logs, “112” was put on static display by the Dry Land Sort at Beaver Cove, where it has sat ever since.
“Western Forest Products” offered the locomotive to the Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society, on condition that it be removed from the property. Otherwise, it was slated for scrapping.
The British Columbia Railroad Historical Society contacted the I.H.S., offering to help finance the move. They are interested in preserving the old locomotive as a reminder of the Steam Era of rail logging in BC.
After a crew of I.H.S. volunteers worked on the ‘112’ in October to reduce the height and weight of the locomotive, Nickel Brothers were asked to organize the actual move, as they have the specialized equipment and experience to move such a unique, heavy piece of machinery.
One of the brothers, Alvin Nickel came with four members of the crew to begin preparations for the move.
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