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Re: Rail Traffic An Overpriced Option (Courier, Nov. 23).
Yes, it always comes down to the $$. With a short sighted view on the Island rail debate, this would be the case.
What is needed is the long term vision for the future of overall/wide scale transportation systems along our Island routes.
Huge investments have been made into improving, expanding and maintaining our highway system and major thoroughfares.
This seems to be a fact that is not mentioned by advocates of developing roadways.
The outlays and environmental impacts are significant and far-reaching (truckloads of asphalt and other materials, to begin with).
There is no question that it will take considerable financial commitment just to get the rail line ready, yet maintained.
Our future is worth the investment, as a long term goal, for many generations to come.
Train service is certainly a welcome alternative, away from traffic and congestion, and an appealing option for visitors.
Although costly, this is the direction we should be looking at with the Island Corridor Foundation. Over time, it may even become more viable.
There is a price for everything!
Louise Rueger
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