Rail transportation is a hands-down bargain

Victoria – It was a huge pleasure to take a few days this last weekend to enjoy BB hospitality, restaurants and community events in and around Qualicum Beach and Parksville. Our thanks to all involved.
Fortunately, we are still able to drive our car to get to Oceanside.
However, we have friends who don’t have a car, depend on public transportation to get anywhere and couldn’t get to Oceanside.
As one who lives in View Royal and sees the need for an alternative mode of transportation over the Malahat, and as one who is nearing the age where driving may be denied, various aspects of how my tax transportation dollar is expended have been researched, with the goal of making sure that it will provide for my ability to travel by public transportation.
Research shows that the cost of providing rail transportation, both freight and passenger, is a hands-down bargain.
Bringing our existing rail line to regulation standards to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for mobility is by far the lowest-cost choice for the taxpayer. It also benefits every taxpayer, not just those who hold a driver’s licence.
We remind ourselves that this rail right-of-way is a public property; it belongs to all Vancouver Islanders!
The Island Corridor Foundation is working one step at a time, carefully and wisely. What more could be asked for in the way that my regional-district tax dollar, contributed to ICF, is spent!
The plan, I understand, is to begin with a service from Nanaimo to Victoria, to focus on getting that section of track into serviceable condition. Once done, service to Qualicum Beach will follow and, later, to Courtenay. Wisdom that is appreciated!
Dick Faulks


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