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Re: “Mayors unite on commuter rail,” editorial, Feb. 12.

We do not understand how the editorial reached the conclusion that the mayors “want the government to take control of the line from the non-profit Island Corridor Foundation and negotiate agreements with First Nations as a key step to clearing the route for use.”

The mayors did not ask the government to take control of the line in their letter. The mayors are well aware the corridor is owned in fee simple by the Island Corridor Foundation and recognize the need to protect the rights of private landowners in British Columbia. Additionally, at the stakeholders’ meeting in December, the mayors were clear that the government has to work closely with the Island Corridor Foundation to restore rail service to the Island.

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  1. I had my first train trip at age 4 Vancouver to Toronto. Last week It returned from 6 weeks in the Algarve, Portugal. I used the train system there extensively to travel around the Algarve which may be close to the same distance we look it from Victoria to Courtney.
    It was wonderful. There were locals as well as tourists using the system. It was immaculately cleaned after every run, the toilets were a little old fashioned but clean. Only occasionally was there a train employee on hand, just the driver altho’ there was a supervisor in the office. Each car kept the doors closed, passengers could press a button to open the doors and enter their car. I had a first class ticket on the Faro to L1sbon train, had slightly more comfortable seats and a bit more leg room. Next car was the refreshments car, people walked through cars to get to it. It was a practice way to earn some revenue.
    I have always hoped the old E&N would be reconstituted – far better than building more highway to up island. Businesses along the route can be encouraged to access the service for freight or business travel and many of us who visit up island would be relieved of highway travel (and its multitude accidents) and, it would be charming for tourists. Their trip could include a meal, we can help them make connections with hotels they would stay in, ten bring them back to their base in Victoria. Up Island students attending courses in Victoria would benefit. Artists and writers could organize excursions because it is such an attractive rail line.
    Guess you can see my passion and enthusiasm…I’ll be watching for future developments 🙂

    All the best in your efforts
    Toni Graeme, Victoria
    PS I entered my website, but the website would not accept it

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