Stz'uminus voters return chief, majority of councillors


APRIL 8, 2014

In what could have been its most pivotal election yet, the Stz’uminus First Nation has returned its chief and seven of eight councillors in for another three-year term.

In an election Thursday, 415 community members cast ballots, with incumbent Chief John Elliott taking in 235 votes, according to an official ballot count.
He was running against Marlene Rice, who received 141 votes, and Spencer Seymour, who received 36. All of the previous councillors were voted back in, with the exception of George Seymour, who is being replaced with Shawna Seymour.
Elliott said in a release that he is thankful for being re-elected and likes the direction the community is headed in.
“We’ve seen such an increase in involvement from our members and that’s driving all of us forward,” he said.
“Even our opposition has been vital to our community’s progress. We need to hear all sides and we’re hoping to engage them even more this term.”
For Coast Salish Development Corporation CEO Ray Gauthier, the election results were good news because the community recently adopted First Nations Land Management framework and planned a $100 million, 20-year economy under Elliott and the incumbent councillors.
“It’s nice for there to be that continuity,” Gauthier said. “What it tells me is that the community is really supporting the direction that council has been taking. I see this as a very positive thing.”


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