Vancouver Island Railway Update

The President and CEO of VIA Rail Canada, Yves Desjardins-Siciliano made the following comments at their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday May 28th.

2014 Annual Public Meeting / Assemblee Publique Annuelle 2014
2014 Annual Public Meeting / Assemblee Publique Annuelle
“The Vancouver Island service was suspended in April of 2011 for safety reasons. The BC Authority, determined that the operation was not safe for passenger service and VIA Rail concurred with that. As soon as that track is fit for service, we will resume service. A Train Service Agreement that has been in negotiation for the longest of times between the owner of the track the Island Corridor Foundation, its contractor, Southern Vancouver Island Railways, and VIA, is for all intents and purposes concluded and hopefully by the end of this month will be officially signed. Which will allow SVI and ICF to get on with getting their funding and doing the work required to return this track to safe operation.”

As he states we are all working hard to get the train service agreement signed.
The Island Corridor Foundation is now focused on having the five regional districts sign their respective funding agreements by the end of June so we can get the provincial and federal agreements signed off.
I’ve included the email addresses of the five regional chairs for you to encourage them to sign by the end of June.
To Email the Regional District Chairs Click Here

‘Dear Regional Board Chair,  congratulations on making the funding commitment to help restore passenger rail service and encouraging VIA Rail to sign a new agreement. As this was a requirement for your funding please sign the contribution agreement so work can start on restoring the rail’

Your continued support is very much appreciated!

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